I have worked for HP for over a decade and through many management changes but have never felt more pessimistic about this once great company’s future.  I simply want to give voice to both the good and bad as I and others see it.


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  1. John Doe says:

    My #1 frustration as an HP employee? The annual performance review process; it is just as dysfunctional and ineffective as at any other major corporation, and HR is normally entirely disingenuous about it, also like other corporations. But this year they have moved from disingenuous to blatantly dishonest. The training materials state that employees are not forced into a ratings distribution, but if you ask your manager, the honest answer is YES, they are forced to use a distribution curve.

    My #2 frustration was perfectly captured by Standard & Poor’s when they downgraded HP debt the other day, so I won’t repeat it here.

    My #3 frustration is that I don’t believe HP when they say that VoW is anonymous, and honest criticism will not result in retaliation. HP is way too fast and free with the WFR for me to believe that. So sorry, but I won’t be using my real name with my candid feedback.

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