Your Suggestions for HP Management..?

What advice does this company need to hear from it’s customers and employees?


7 thoughts on “Your Suggestions for HP Management..?

  1. Evan says:

    Listen to your employees and customers and not the consultants and advertising windbags.

  2. Joyce says:

    I just purchased my second HP laptop this summer to replace the one I purchased in 2008. My 2008 laptop still works fine but I wanted to have more Ram and a larger hard drive and IE7 instead of VISTA.

    I’m sad that HP will be discontinuing producing PC’s in the future. I also own an HP netbook which I love for when I travel. I am not one of the Apple groupies and I have been loyal to the HP brand. Too bad the loyalty doesn’t go both ways. I still love my HP!

    • John Doe says:

      HP isn’t dropping the PC business… that was a misfire from the previous CEO (now gone). Fortunately Meg brought the company back to its collective senses, and they decided to keep the PC business. I wish I could say the same for the webOS unit.

  3. John says:

    Plastics! The future is in plastics!

  4. Loyal HP employee says:

    Please promote the internal talent. You need to give opportunities to your talented staff. You have lot of talented staff working at HP…They are still working there because they are dedicated to the great company “HP” not to you clowns. You guys are destroying the brand Hewlett and Packard found. Stop VOW survey..It is just waste of time. HP top management are very rich and they don’t care what happens to the brand and loyal employees. Please leave the company if you can’t see the problems that we are facing. Some of the employees are working for more than a decade without a promotion…Is this fair? HP board of directors should resign. Board should include atleast 2 members from the founders families. It is time we go to basics. Don’t test the employee patience.

  5. Former Employee says:

    I used to be one of the “young HP talent” and just left the company, which was really a big step for me. The coleagues were great and it was fun working there. People still live the HP way where they can. Unfortunately management has no clue what that means and makes it more and more difficult. It got pretty bad under Mark Hurd but Leo seemed to understand that the employees are HP’s greatest asset.I think you can still see how the employees care about their company when you look at the amount of work and enthusiasm they put in. And all that even though there have been salary and promotion freezes for years. Young talent has no choice but to leave. If you join the company after college and get 0 salary development in 3, sometimes 5 years, all you can do is find a new job. This has lead to an upside down age pyramide because most of the long term employees do not want to leave due to their good pension funds. I agree with the above poster about the board. I think HP is a perfect example of a company that lost it’s culture due to too much external management influence. How about looking for qualified Management within the company instead of appointing people who don’t know the company or the way it’s been successful for such a long time. How about focussing on beeing innovative instead of crippeling the comany with yet another cost efficiency program? Like Steve Jobs said in his interview, it is very sad to see this company get “dismanteled” by incompetent people trying to make it another IBM. This is HP for god’s sake! One of the biggest and most successful IT companies. Quit telling people “we have the best and brightest employees in the industry” and then put processes in place like you would for a 10 year old. Have some trust in your people and let them participate in the company’s success and your employees will repay you.

  6. HP Touchpad fan says:

    I am not in IT, I am in healthcare, but having bought two Touchpads on Black Friday, I have come to realize what a great device it is and what might have been. Tablets are the wave of the future, I and everyone else can see that desktops and even laptops are becoming obsolete. I had never used anything but windows until I bought the TP. HP can compete against Apple and Android with WebOS. Meg Whitman: Keep WebOS, it is a very elegant, proven operating system. Give the tablet market another try, consider re-releasing the 7″ Touchpad go at least at the $199 price range.

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