HP’s Culture

What suggestions do you have for improving HP’s culture?


8 thoughts on “HP’s Culture

  1. Brian Singer says:

    Hiring from within instead of bringing all the SAP management over. And then, SAP management hiring more SAP people. We have very talented HP employees who can do this work!

    • John Doe says:

      That was Leo’s doing, and like him that practice is probably history.

      • Me says:

        Looking at the number of people the SAP practice is hireing and the amount of money that can be made there I SERIOUSLY doubt that this practice will be history any time soon…

  2. Phu Manchu says:

    Marty should have his global marketing employees involved in the building of the new strategy and plans. He does all this work by himself with agencies. Agencies don’t know the HP culture = give employees the tools they needs, trust them and let them do good work. Marty has no idea of the HP culture or doesn’t believe in it.

  3. How about treating people with respect. I heard that all Marty really wants is to build a legacy so that his vision for a rebuilt HP brand will be a business school case study. That’s messed up.

  4. Loyal HP employee says:

    Please promote the internal talent. You need to give opportunities to your talented staff. Stop bringing in highpaying consultants..HP Employees are capable..Trust them..You have lot of talented staff working at HP…They are still working there because they are dedicated to the great company “HP” not to you clowns. You guys are destroying the brand Hewlett and Packard found. Stop VOW survey..It is just waste of time. HP top management are very rich and they don’t care what happens to the brand and loyal employees. Please leave the company if you can’t see the problems that we are facing. Some of the employees are working for more than a decade without a promotion…Is this fair? HP board of directors should resign. Board should include atleast 2 members from the founders families. It is time we go to basics. Don’t test the employee patience.

  5. Frank Zappa says:

    The real HP is gone several years ago.
    Many of us were very proud about the “Hewlett Packard” brand and now so disappointed by the several changes we had recently (the stupid “invent” is just an example).
    The real HP has been screwed up, starting from the logo up to the employees. But no one here is so ingenuous to understand that, during this time, a family bussiess cannot compete in the IT globalized arena.
    But we all understand that is unbeatable the value of loyal employees and the value of the HP Way.
    How many managers are aware of the HP Way now ?
    The HP Way was an emotion: how many managers we have on board able to transmit emotions and honest leadership ?
    The HP Way can still make the difference between a common corporate, like the actual HP, and the best place to work, the best customer experience and the best investment for shareholders

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