HP Global Marketing

What has your experience been with Global marketing in recent months?


7 thoughts on “HP Global Marketing

  1. occupyhp says:

    Frustrating to have Marty Homlish bring in agencies to do all of our work. he doesn’t know or care what his own employees can do.

  2. Tamry Shilmoh says:

    Marty’s all about one thing – Marty! The strategy is rational but he’s not the right person to implement it.

  3. Kurt Vonnegut says:

    How many millions are we spending on agencies to create this stuff? And firing HP employees?

  4. Sheila DeJesus says:

    Marty talks about transparency and that we have ‘done’ all this work together. My whole team has never met him. He has never involved us in anything. I don’t trust him and he clearly has no respect for the employees, only his agencies.

  5. angry birds says:

    Since when is Global Marketing based in NYC and not Palo Alto?

  6. Art N Biz says:

    Meg should fire Marty and hire someone in HP who values employees more than agencies.

  7. Skylar says:

    We are being treated like shit. It’s so demoralizing. We are not asked to contribute. I think there are more changes to come. The entire Global Marketing organization is going to be be gutted.

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